Gary Klein

Boston, MA Attorney Gary Klein, Consumer Law and Unfair Lending PracticesGary Klein is a partner at the law firm Klein Kavanagh Costello, LLP in Boston Massachusetts and a former partner at Roddy Klein & Ryan.  Until January 2001, he was an Attorney at the National Consumer Law Center.

Mr. Klein is a nationally recognized expert on consumer law and unfair lending practices.  For more than two decades, Mr. Klein has been a vocal critic of the abusive banking policies that have put American homeowners at risk of unnecessary foreclosures.  He has litigated groundbreaking cases against mortgage lenders and servicers, including class action cases challenging the predatory lending practices of Ameriquest Mortgage Corporation and Household Finance. He was also the lead lawyer in a series of cases against Fairbanks Capital Corporation.  He has pioneered challenges to discriminatory mortgage markup policies that have illegally increased the cost of borrowing for minority homeowners.

Mr. Klein has served as an expert witness in court cases and in Congress, authored numerous books and articles on consumer law and bankruptcy, and has been counsel in hundreds of class actions, bankruptcy cases, and individual lawsuits.  He is a former director of the American Bankruptcy Institute and a current director of the Coalition for Consumer Bankruptcy Debtor Education.  He is a graduate of Yale University and Rutgers Law School.

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