Klein Kavanagh Costello is devoted to enforcement of consumer rights.  This commitment is born of decades of experience.  KKC lawyers have varied professional backgrounds that include service in civil legal aid, non-profit consumer advocacy, and the Peace Corps.  Through these endeavors, KKC has extensive experience, expertise and contacts to bring to bear on behalf of its clients.

Our attorneys have a long track record of success across the country.  In the last decade, KKC attorneys have obtained more than $500 million for consumers victimized by predatory business practices. For example, KKC’s lawyers have successfully litigated class actions against Household Finance Corporation, H&R Block, Fairbanks Capital Corporation, Capital One, Wells Fargo and Ameriquest.  KKC attorneys have also litigated and resolved groundbreaking national cases based on claims that minority homeowners were discriminatorily overcharged for mortgage loans.

Most recently, KKC attorneys have been at the forefront of national litigation seeking to vindicate the rights of homeowners participating in the federal government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”).  KKC has been appointed interim co-lead counsel in three national multi-district cases alleging that Bank of America, Chase and Citibank have failed to honor their commitments to modify mortgages.  KKC has also successfully prosecuted similar cases against many other lenders.

KKC attorneys are presently litigating claims on behalf of borrowers whose homes were wrongfully foreclosed, as well as for homeowners who entered into permanent loan modifications that the banks later failed to honor.  In addition, KKC attorneys have expertise in challenging civil rights abuses, unfair debt collection practices, violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and defective products.  KKC was recently appointed co-lead interim class counsel to represent Porsche Cayenne owners whose coolant tubes have failed, leading to engine failure and costly repairs.

KKC’s lawyers have an unmatched record of success in trial and appellate courts across many jurisdictions on all aspects of consumer law.  We welcome inquiries from consumers and lawyers about potential new matters.